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Innovation Portal Case Study

Innovation Portal Case Study


Innovation and Ideas in the workplace shared by the employees working on ground can be very beneficial for the organization, as they help in improving the untouched areas and current processes. However, capturing the ideas is not enough. There should be a platform for complete management of these ideas across the organization.

Innovation portal is a very pioneering application with the key feature of employee interaction. This portal conceptualizes the social media platform to capture the initiatives so that the ideas, challenges and success stories get published in the portal and employees can view, like share and comment on them and get inspired.

Application Features

Web and Mobile based platform for adding initiative.

Complete approval process covered under one application

Pending action reminder and updates

Task assigned and detailing

Brainstorming sessions

Business Challenge

Our client wanted to have a platform for submitting the initiatives across the organization. Managing them was a huge challenge for the business. On one side, the business has to promote and encourage people to submit more initiatives and on other side, all the submissions and their approvals & implementations have to be managed. It was a tedious task to manually handle the process. The business wanted a complete solution having all the processes involved and also to have complete data management and maximum employee engagement. Since the ideas involved various units, equipment and running processes, the approval process and implementation process was also complex. There has to be multiple users involved and timelines should be planned to implement any initiative. Managing every possible requirement was again a challenge for the business.

Application Benefits

Systematic Management of all the initiatives

Best Practices involved

Alerts and Remainder facility

Live updates available

Feeds section

Social platform to connect employees

Like, comment, share features

Café session

Dynamic DOA

Our Solution

We have developed a very unique portal which is a kind of social media platform restricted for the employees to capture their ideas. The portal is very useful with latest technologies layering many features. The feeds section or the landing page has all the initiatives listed just as a post created in various platforms. Every employee can see the initiatives and their detailed description along with the photograph to be aware of the current processes and challenges and how to resolve them. They can also like, share, and comment in any initiative to give their feedback.

There are individual options to submit any kind of initiatives with all the required details, and based on the DOA, approval process gets started. Inbox, Outbox, and reports are the sections which are very useful for the authorities to check their pending tasks and proceed. The mappings are also managed within the portal to make it more dynamic and easier to handle by the employee.

There is Café session feature in the portal to create a brainstorming session for the employees for capturing the ideas. This is one of a kind feature which is very exceptional and highly beneficial for gathering the ideas and innovations.

Option to add various initiatives

Pending tasks


Alerts and updates

Café Session

Feeds section


The organization now has a systematic and innovative tool to manage the ideas and initiatives within the company. The portal will boost the creativity and mutual sharing of ideas and challenges for the betterment of the organization. Café session helps in team level interaction for challenges and innovations within the workplace. There is web and mobile interface for the application which helps the employee to login from anywhere and anytime. The landing page is helpful for complete information about the initiatives. There are different roles associated which have respective permission levels in the system. The security of system is also well maintained. The overall application is very beneficial and widely used across organization.

High level Process Flow

Login to the portal using AD credentials

Submit the initiatives by adding complete info

Notification to mapped authority

Approval, team formation and implementation process

Approved and implemented initiatives will be listed in feeds.