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HZL ONE Case Study



An organization has many applications utilized for different processes and tasks. The applications are widely used by all the locations and business units across the country. There was an issue to handle all the applications and share the application URLs among every employee. Apart from the list of applications, there are many vital information of the organization which was to be published and shared with all the employees. A platform having all the applications and updates regarding the organization, some information and news, and other details was required which can have a very user-friendly interface and design.

Application Features

Web and Mobile based platform for accessing all the applications anytime, anywhere

Complete list of all the applications used in the organization

Vital information and updates

Knowledge and learning platform for employees

Birthday and news alerts

Business Challenge

One of the major challenges was to understand all the applications and make a single platform for listing them. There are multiple applications and all of them should be listed in the portal. There should be single sign in options and all the applications should be accessed after login to the application. The portal should be integrated with other applications so that the details like star of the month, birthday of the employee, the initiatives started by the organization and news updates. All the data displayed will be live and hence updated. There will be complete applications listed and access is to be managed accordingly. The security is also one of the major challenges in the portal.

Application Benefits

Systematic Management of all the applications

Best Practices involved

Alerts and Remainder facility

Live updates available

All the applications listing

User profile available

Employee sink with the organization

eLearning facility available in the portal

Our Solution

We have developed a very efficient portal with latest technologies layering many features. The portal has all the applications listed in a sequential order and there is also a search option to find the required application. The portal is very user friendly and easy to handle and also available in web and mobile platforms. The daily news updates and birthday info of all the employees are displayed and all the company initiatives are listed. It is a one stop portal for every employee.

List of Applications


News and company updates


Alerts and Reminders

Meeting minutes and discussions


The organization now has now a tool for complete list of applications across all the locations, plants and business units. The systematic system provides reminders and alerts to users and also maintains the news and updates of the organization so that the employees are aware of the workplace. There is web and mobile interface for the application which helps the employee to login from anywhere and anytime. The landing page is helpful for complete information. There are different roles associated which have respective permission levels in the system. The security of system is also well maintained. The overall application is very beneficial and widely used across the locations of the organization.

High level Process Flow

Login to the portal using AD credentials

View the company updates

View the Birthday Reminders

View the News and updates

Click the application which needs to be accessed