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Case Study on Security Incident Management Application

Security Incident Management Application Case Study


One of the major power-based industries wanted a smart solution for monitoring and managing the incidents happening in different locations and units across the organization. There are multiple locations and business units but no tool to handle the incidents occurring day to day. The management of incidents and their reporting was done manually and there was no record management system to maintain the data and details of those incidents. The complete process of incident management which includes occurrence of an incident, handling and taking actions on it and closure of incident is done without a proper tool and workflow.

Application Features

Mobile based tool for incident reporting and management anytime, anywhere

Instant Incident Alerts based on severity

Investigation Team Formation

Detailed Investigation Reporting

CSO / Management Dashboard

Business Challenge

One of the major challenges was to understand the complete process of incident management and  follow the best practices for the application. The current process followed by the organization was also considered and a complete methodology was followed so that every essential step is covered in the incident management process. Another challenge was the multiple locations and units of the organization which is to be covered and the respective security administrators along with the team is to be added in the workflow as every required security user needs to be informed about the incident and it should be followed location and plant vise. As the complete workflow is managed in the application, so many factors were considered like step by step reporting and approval process, alerts based on the criticality of the incident, providing attachment options and generating reports.

Application Benefits

Systematic Management of Incidents

Best Practices involved

Alerts and Remainder facility

Live Dashboard for analysis


Action on Incidents

Master Module for application management

Our Solution

We have developed a very efficient application with latest technologies layering many features. The application captures the incident details having all the required fields like date of incident, location, unit, category and subcategory of incident and also to add additional details and attachment related to incident. There is an approval process of the incident after which the workflow for the incident management starts. There is a team formation process which has a leader and multiple members for complete investigation of incident and report formation. There are many important parameters in incident reporting and investigation like findings, action taken, FIR details, person involved, other details and the recommendations which will be implemented to avoid the incident in future. There is also an approval process for investigation report which makes the system very well-organized. The live dashboard in the system is one of the significant features which gives an overview of the complete incident management process in a visual representation showing the detail of incidents by the location, severity, category and other parameters so as to do an analysis of the incidents and their details to take necessary actions.



Admin Module

Incident Notification

Alerts and Reminders


The organization now has a tool for complete management of security incidents across all the locations, plants and business units. The systematic system provides reminders and alerts to users and also maintains the record of incidents so that there is a record for every incident happened in the workplace. There is web and mobile interface for the application which helps the employee to report an incident from anywhere and anytime. The dashboard is helpful for the analysis of incidents. There are different roles associated which have respective permission levels in the system. The security of system is also well maintained as the reporting and handling of incidents are very crucial details. The overall application is very beneficial and widely used across the locations of the organization.

High level Process Flow

Report an Incident

Approval of incident

Team formation

Incident Investigation

Report creation

Investigation Report approval

Assigning recommendations

Recommendations done