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Case Study on UPSESCO

Case Study on UPSESCO


Upsesco stands for Upscaling employee skills and collaboratively. It is a very useful tool for evaluating employee skills and providing them learning and training opportunity. The application has every component required for the process of skill evaluation based on the employee work profile. By employing Upsesco, the entire skill management process becomes very convenient and automated. The tool not only works for the employees, but for the contractors also, and the assessments are done accordingly. In addition to this, there will be notifications to keep the management updated and reports for better analysis and understanding.

Business Case Study

Business Profile

Upsesco can be used across any type of organization who is willing to make their employees more killed and analyze the current scenarios. There are various customizations in the applications according to the industry and process employed.

Business Requisites

A skill management system for analysis and review the employee skills for a pre-defined period of time according to the department and required skill set for a particular job profile. There should also be gap analysis and training provisions based on the assessment scores.


Upsesco is a one stop application for performing the skill assessment within the organization. It includes employee mapping with their skills and work profiles, conducting spider tests and interviews and evaluating scores along with providing training based on gap.

Key Features

Mapping Options

There are various mapping options available in the portal. The employee is mapped with its department and work profile. Every work profile has its own set of skills which are pre-defined. They can be also be mapped via the portal.

Distinct assessments for employees and Contractors

Many organizations manage employees and contractors and want the assessment for both the profiles. Upsesco has different modules for contract employees and regular employees which makes it very efficient and useful application.

Spider Test and Interview

As per the industry standards, Spider test is widely used for employee assessment followed by an interview. Upsesco provides the facility to set the questions for test and interview as per the skills and work profile and schedule the spider test accordingly. There can be defined ratio for test and interview score to calculate the overall score.

Bulk upload and Update

There can be multiple departments and work profiles in an organization. For every work profile, various skill sets are required, and there are multiple questions for every skill set. Upsesco has an option to bulk upload and update the questions for assessment along with adding questions one by one. This is a very time saving option for uploading multiple questions and answers.


One of the key modules of the application is Reports. There are various reports generated for Management and HR to analyze the complete assessment process followed for every location during a financial or calendar year. The reports can be downloaded and used to review the process for every department, see the scores and check the performance.

Key Features


The dashboard will have live data showing current status of spider tests and interviews for selected location. Instant update and status will be fetched. This will serve as an informative section to get the assessment details and status immediately.

Training Modules

The employee scores can be calculated and compared with the desired scores to get the gap analysis. Once the gap analysis is done, the list of employees can be obtained which are eligible for training. The trainings and their feedback can also be added in the system and if required, training can be escheduled.

Admin and HR Module

There are many options which are available only to the admin and HR in the portal. There is a role mapping based on which the permissions can be set in the portal. This makes the system very secured.

Email alerts and Reminders

A very useful action done by the application is providing alerts and reminders. Autos generated emails serves as a reminder and are very informative regarding the process. The authorities are aware of the ongoing process and the employees will have their assessment and training information.


The application is very flexible and customizable based on the type and size of industry. All the customizations are done within the system and they are very easy to do tasks which can be done by the admin and HR roles within the organization. Right from defining the assessment cycle to scheduling the training, every process can be managed within the application. They can also be modified time to time based on requirements.


User Friendly Design

All the features incorporated for employee assessment

Automated workflows

Customizable options as per the organization requirements

Web and mobile Interface

Employee training module