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Case Study on MOM Application

Case Study on MOM Tool


Every organization requires managing and improvising meetings as they are a great source for employees and the management to exercise their collective responsibility and chalk out for the better functioning of the organization.

All the organizations conduct meetings at every level to discuss the status of tasks, responsibilities and many other important points. Scheduling a meeting, inviting attendees and taking notes are all handled manually by the organizer. An application to schedule, handle and manage all the meetings organized, and have an option to record the meeting minutes, discussions and action items is a benefit to the betterment of whole organization.

Application Features

  • Complete meeting process covered
  • under one application
  • Meeting reminder and updates
  • Web and Mobile based platform for
  • scheduling and managing all the
  • meetings anytime, anywhere
  • Task assigned and detailing
  • Meeting Attendance management

Business Challenge

Our client was facing multiple challenges for scheduling management and regular meetings. The meeting was scheduled manually, guests were invited and there were no alert and reminder options. The attendance was not tracked and therefore it was difficult to keep a record of the management meetings. The several points discussed during the meetings were jotted manually and the meeting minutes had to be taken by the organizer. The tasks assigned during the meeting had no way to assign to the employees and manage their status. A complete meeting management system was required to handle every task associated with the meeting taking care of the security as the meeting discussions are confidential to the management and

  1. Systematic Management of all the meeting
  2. Best Practices involved
  3. Alerts and Remainder facility
  4. Live updates available
  5. All the meetings and tasks listing
  6. User profile available
  7. Attendance tracking
  8. Distinct tasks section

Our Solution

We have developed a very efficient portal with latest technologies layering many features. The portal has an option to schedule single as well as recurring meetings, invite employees and outsiders also, describe the meeting agenda, duration, venue and attachment. After a meeting is done, the organizer can add meeting minutes and bulk upload of tasks, discussion with respect to the meeting. There is an auto-generated mailing system which will share the details with every participant. The live dashboard will give attendance details for the meeting and many other useful information like upcoming meetings, tasks and Actions. The portal is very user friendly and easy to handle and also available in web and mobile platforms. Every participant which has tasks assigned can view and process the pending tasks also from the application. It is a one stop portal for every employee to schedule the regular and Mancom meetings.

List of upcoming and scheduled meetings

  1. Pending tasks
  2. Reporting
  3. Meeting alerts and updates
  4. Notification


The organization now has now a tool for complete management of general and Mancom meetings across all the locations, plants and business units. The systematic system provides reminders and alerts to users and also maintains the pending meetings and tasks so that the employees are aware of their upcoming meetings and tasks. There is web and mobile interface for the application which helps the employee to login from anywhere and anytime. The landing page is helpful for complete information. There are different roles associated which have respective permission levels in the system. The security of system is also well maintained. The overall application is very beneficial and widely used across the locations of the organization.

High level Process Flow

  1. Login to the portal using AD credentials
  2. Create individual or recurring meetings by adding complete info
  3. Notification to all participants
  4. Add meeting minutes, discussion and tasks
  5. Take action on pending tasks as per
  6. Assigned over the meeting