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Top Benefits of Safety Hazard Reporting Mobile/Web Application

Employees form the backbone of any industry. As a business, there couldn’t have been any more reasons on why you should provide them with a safe environment to work. Thanks to technology! With its penetration in almost every sector, the workplace can now be made a better and safe place to work. And this is one of the reasons why companies are actively taking measures to ensure the well-being of their workers using technological advancements. This is especially in areas concerning hazards and incident management. Read this article to know the top benefits of hazard reporting application.

Depending on the nature of work in different industries, hazard reporting tools are becoming a necessity in today’s times. These unsafe act reporting tools help in providing a sustainable culture for employees to thrive in an organization. With the help of automation packed features, hazard reporting tools are ensuring a safe environment every second for the employees. And the best part is that most of these tools can be operated using smartphones.

Going a decade back it is evident that Workplace Hazard Reporting Tools were just taking shape, and organizations seldom realized their necessity. But with the ease of technology and extensive reach to mobile devices, environment health and safety apps like hazard reporting tools are becoming excessively popular. Organizations are reporting tangible benefits and improved working conditions, especially for workers in the field.

Let’s comprehensively take a look at how the hazard reporting mobile applications is ensuring a safe environment for employees.


Top Benefits of Hazard Reporting Application 


1. Promoting Safety Culture

The employees who work in the field are always under the danger of a potential hazard or mishappening. Consider, for example, you own a chemical factory, and a spill occurs at one of the facilities. In this situation, a delay of every second can lead to lethal damage, including the life of your employees. However, if your workers have a hazard reporting tool, they can immediately alert others of the incident, directly from the field. As a result, appropriate action can be taken due to uncovering of the hazard in time and prevent injuries and other casualties. On the other hand, since the employees of your company get to participate in reporting hazard, it helps in strengthening the safety culture. It powers engagement and imparts a sense that every employee has a crucial role to play in the company.


2. Protecting employees with Alerts

Safety Hazard Reporting Mobile Applications make sure that workers get any reports concerning incidents or hazards through alerts. Based on the nature of the work, these apps can be customized and help in quick real-time signaling. Consider the above chemical spill situation for an example. Since it can cause damage in seconds, real-time alerts can help workers grab a protective instrument in time and reduce the risk of potential harm. Furthermore, some advanced hazard reporting apps like Sarvang Safety apps also share hazard timelines right from social media and other channels. This helps in preparing resources and ensuring the safety of workers with hindsight.


3. Greater Efficiency in Operations

Work that is performed in the field has to undergo audits often. However, when performed manually, not only is it a tiresome task but also inefficient in many ways. It also leaves a lot of loopholes that may put workers in potential threats. Thanks to the Incident Management tools and advanced hazard reporting applications workers can now directly audit a facility from anywhere and at any time. This leads to increased operational efficiency and proactive measures if any hazard or threat is found. It also significantly reduces the risk of any errors that are otherwise caused due to collecting data and entering them into a system for analysis.


4. Increased Awareness for Hazards

Using the hazard reporting mobile applications, awareness regarding the hazards can be spread within seconds. And not only this, but it also speeds up the process of implementing appropriate preventive measures.Put differently; it also creates transparency in the system that leads to increased visibility towards unfortunate incidents and unsafe acts. If you’re wondering how does this help in increasing visibility, it is all with the help of accurate data capturing.So, in case you have to take note of important information regarding the hazard, all you have to do is open the Safety Hazard Reporting Mobile Application and empty your brain. No more forgetting! Thank God!


Sarvang Safety Mobile App- The Gateway to a Safe and Hazard Free Work Environment


The Sarvang Safety mobile app is India’s #1 hazard reporting tool that precisely focuses on building a healthy and safe environment for the workplace. It is designed by a team of experts consisting of IT professionals and cognitive experts. The app lets workers report hazards and unsafe acts on the go in a hassle-free manner. Available in both mobile and web application, it is beneficial for organizations due to their life-saving features and seamless accessibility.


Let’s take a look at some of the key feature of the Sarvang Safety App-


Report Hazard

Workers can report hazards within seconds, no matter where they are or which device they use.


Reminders with Ageing

Timely reminders are sent to the manager of a particular facility to speed up any preventive measures against incoming hazards in the area.


Automatic Alerts

Automatic alerts are prompted on mobile whenever a hazard is reported, assigned, closed, etc.

Closer Dashboards: Specific dashboards are offered on the web and mobile app for hazards that are closer or escalating quickly.


Hazard Timelines

Ensures complete awareness about a hazard with real-time timelines from social media and other platforms.


Interactive Reporting

The workplace hazard reporting tool is designed in a user-friendly manner with graphical reporting elements, making it easily understandable to workers.


Safety Quiz

Encourage yourself and your workers to take part in the hazard related safety quiz and stay vigilant at all times.



With in-app, messaging and user engagement notifications, the app is fun to use.



In case of more information on hazards, the company’s library of safety policies, notes, etc. one can refer to the electronic library of the app.



Thus, in the age of automation, apps like Sarvang Safety are creating a breakthrough by offering an unparalleled level of safety for your workers. On the one hand, it is helping in accelerating preventive measures in the workplace. While on the other hand, it is guaranteeing more satisfaction to the employees. Always remember that happy employees are crucial to an organization’s survival. Make sure you put your bit towards their well being. And watch them reciprocate with greater satisfaction.


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