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7 Advantages of mLearning App, Uses, & Features of Mobile Learning

Digitization has taken the world by storm. No matter which sphere of life you try to explore, you are bound to find the penetration of technology. Right from saying connected to managing tasks and more, mobile devices have found their applications everywhere.

One such area where technology is turning out to be a boon is education and learning. And guess what? Businesses are jumping into the harnessing the features of mobile learning apps for their employees. After all, it is one of the most flexible ways of learning, that too, with handy devices such as a Smartphone.

Popularly known as mLearning, it’s picking up the pace like any other innovation packed concept in the market. If you’re still wondering what it is all about, let me take the leverage to break it down for you!

mLearning is simply a teaching method using mobile devices. It might be your iPad, smartphone, or any other device. All one requires is an active internet connection to download the course material and take tests etc. Once downloaded, you may also view it without the internet.

Though there are plenty of advantages of mLearning, we’re here to discuss the most important of them. Through the means of applications, both mobile and web, mLearning is wowing its users and particularly businesses who find it more convenient than ever to train their employees,


Here are the top 7 Advantages of mLearning App-


Top Advantages of Mobile Learning App



Flexibility to learners


One of the best features of mobile learning app is that it offers a supreme level of flexibility to the learner. Who said you could learn from a bulky book or an entire notebook filled with key points from lectures? With the mLearning app into the picture, you can quickly learn without the burden of carrying books or notebooks with you.

Furthermore, your mLearning course material is not just fed with alphabets. Learners also get to take advantage of videos, images, podcasts and other multimedia messages.


Collaborative learning


While learning one often encounters doubts that become hurdles to our path of more critical education. In scenarios like this, mLearning serves one of the most significant advantages. It promotes and offers a platform for collaborative learning where people can join communities and stay connected to each other. This practice helps like-minded people discuss and collaborate on different topics.


Higher completion rates


We often face difficulties reading from a book because they eventually turn monotonous with the same pattern of content churning over and over again. Ultimately, we drop out in between, not completing the learning. But, with mLearning apps, the content doesn’t have to be boring.

mLearning apps feature small chunks of content, instead of lengthy paragraphs. This is further broken down into easily understandable formats and language so that everyone can understand it. Therefore, with concise and engaging content, it becomes easy for learners to complete a course and initiate others.


Multi-device support


mLearning supports multiple devices at one time. This means that you can read the same content from your tablet, smartphone, etc. Even when you’re working and feel bored, you can take a break and study the course material from your laptop or personal computer. It’s that easy! The support for multiple devices is one of the best advantages of mLearning.


Responsive learning


Nobody likes to read something that goes beyond the screen of their smartphones. And that’s why apps are being made to fit into the requirements of different devices. This practice is called responsiveness and mLearning is acing it.

The course material on the mLearning apps fit as much on a large screen as on a smartphone. No content gets unpleasantly squished when you switch your devices. This increases the user engagement and therefore adds to a user-friendly experience.




Most of the people play games because they are fun and burst stress. And who knows what you encounter on the next level! Games challenge your cognitive skills and motor controls, keeping you longing for more. The question is, why can’t the process of learning be this fun?

mLearning brings gamification to the process of learning that helps in keeping learners engaged. After all, learning works best when it doesn’t feel like learning. mLearning therefore, brings attractive quizzes, time-bound questions, and even prizes to make any course more interesting.




Microlearning is that part of learning where complex course material is broken into small bits for increased grasp and improved understanding. Easy to digest little bits of data can be downloaded and studied anywhere. Let’s say that you have a meeting in the next hour and you have to prepare something. With mLearning to the rescue, you can quickly open apps and brush up your concepts in no time.


Uses of mLearning App

mLearning can have several features. Lets’ take a look at how they can be used in organizational scenarios-


Formal Training in Organization

mLearning can be used in organizations and is already being, to impart formal training to the employees. Whether it is a brief about the ideology or functioning of a company or information about a new product, mLearning can be deployed in these situations.

While a person to person interaction can take up a lot of time, mLearning is an efficient way of monitoring and completing the training. Especially as we talk of induction programs, mLearning can facilitate flexible and in-depth learning.


Performance Support Tools

Using mLearning apps, companies can also understand the efficiency of their employees concerning time management. Gamified approach to time management can help in practicing exercises and monitoring performances. It is also one of the most popular uses of mLearning app.

Furthermore, mLearning can complement performance support in an organization in critical areas such as support to compliance initiatives, short summaries of key policies, etc.


Social Learning

Since one of the most significant advantages of mLearning is that it facilitates collaborative learning, it can be harnessed by organizations for benefits. Learners can be encouraged to share their inputs and learning experiences that can be beneficial to other people. Apart from this, people can also share content that can be relevant to a course and other learners.


Features of an Ideal Mobile Learning App: Welcome- Sarvang mLearning Application

mLearning is turning out to be a boon to businesses. However, it is vital that you choose the best in class mobile learning app for your organization. While Sarvang’s mLearning app is not just unparalleled, it is also designed to build a community with high expectations and academic achievements.

The app is available across all devices including Web, Android, and iOS. Here are some of its salient features-



E-library lets you manage all policies of the company including ethics, rules, awareness, notes and any awareness videos. These can be easily shared with the employees for quick learning.

Learning Courses

The courses section of the app lets organizations curate and store courses for each of their departments. These courses can be accessed readily from any device and studies on the go.


The monthly or weekly quiz can help in keeping the employees on their toes. It can keep a check on their learning and promote in-depth understanding of a course.


There is a history section in the mLearning app to let people go back to their courses and quizzes. It keeps your courses and relevant study materials in memory for quick access.

Watchlist and Favourite

You can easily add any material that you wish to study in the watch list and a favorite section for future references.


Notifications are an important part of any app. In Sarvang’s mLearning app, you stay aware of your course and any upcoming quizzes through push notifications, in-app messages and more.

Learn it the New Way!

mLearning can transform any organization. It is already bringing revolutionary benefits to places where it has been implemented. Since keeping up with the latest information and skill set is essential for all employees to stay competitive and knowledgeable, the virtue of Mobile Learning is unquestionable. The anytime, anywhere approach of mLearning is one of the most significant benefits that organizations can reap in the modern competitive world.