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What is 5S Audit Tool? An Application for Workplace Organization

The importance of adequate organization in a workplace cannot be ruled out. Not only does it promote discipline but also a structured environment where employees can thrive.

As a stakeholder, you may put a lot of effort into keeping your organization’s space sorted and assembled. You obviously don’t want your employees to get injured due to equipment that is placed at an inappropriate place or a workspace that is poorly sorted. But, is there a system to set a benchmark and help you keep a check on workplace organization efficiently?

Yes, there is! Welcome 5S audit application tool- a system that keeps a check on your workspace for safety, standardization, order, and ultimately efficiency.


What is the 5S Audit and 5S Audit Tool?

The 5S Audit Tool for Workplace implements the 5S audit. 5S is a way of organizing space in a workplace to minimize waste, reducing process and any risk of injuries. It helps in keeping the work environment efficient and more productive.

Tracing back its history, 5S was pioneered by the Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer Toyota. Toyota first applied the standard housekeeping practices at the workplace, and it turned out to be one of the most promising steps towards organizing the workplace. Since eliminating waste and keeping the work environment clean are the basics of sound and consistent result, Toyota started using a practice called lean manufacturing.

Lean manufacturing quintessentially deals with maximizing the output of products and services for the customer on the one hand. On the other hand, it deals with keeping the workspace clean and is primarily accomplished by eliminating waste from the production process.

5S draws its name from the five fundamental principles, which also forms its pillar stones. Due to its Japanese origin, the 5S initially stands for-

  • Seiri
  • Seiton
  • Seiso
  • Seiketsu
  • Shitsuke

When translated to English, these S turn out to be each step of the organization process as mentioned below-

  • Sort
  • Set in Order
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain

The 5S practice using a tool is one of the best practical solutions for organizations dealing with space management and waste elimination in the workplace. Let’s briefly take a look at the different parts of 5S for workplace organization-



As the name suggests, it is the first step of the process, involving sorting the workplace. To begin with, one must go through all the furniture, equipment, materials, etc. lying in a work area. Then find out the purpose of each and whether or not they are essential for work. Knowing the answers to questions like who uses a particular tool or how frequently is it used can also contribute to increased sorting at the workplace.

When a department figures out that an item is unnecessary after performing sorting, they can choose to give it to other departments, recycle it or put it in storage.


Set in Order

This is the next step in the 5S for workplace organization. With all the clutter gone in the first step of the process, people must collaborate and think about the placement of different workplace objects. Set in order involves coming up with strategies to further sort any of the remaining items from the first round of the audit. One must determine the most logical arrangements in this phase by analyzing factors such as the grouping of objects, paths taken by people to do a particular task, most frequently used items, etc.



Shine is all about housekeeping and keeping your office space sparkling. Even though housekeeping may seem like one of the most natural things to pay, it is often the foremost thing to get neglected.

Apart from the necessary cleaning, the Shine also involves taking care of the machinery in your organization. Checking the performance and maintenance of the machinery is essential and can help in preventing breakdowns. While it may seem that this step of the 5S audit involves only janitors, it shouldn’t be the case. Every employee must be accountable for their own space and try to keep it clean.



Now that you’ve sorted set and cleaned your workplace, it may seem like your job is done. But, it is often easy to fall back into old habits, and it happens all the time. Standardize is a procedure that helps in keeping things the way they have been arranged.

It involves forming charts and schedules so that the sorting and cleaning can be turned into habits from small one-time tasks. The best practice includes assigning tasks to different individuals and making them aware of them from time to time. Alternatively, you can also use visual cues to catch engagement.



Finally, sustain is that part of the 5S audit which keeps the project ongoing by inviting participation from the employees. To make 5S a success, every employee right from managers to floor staff must contribute to the program by doing their part.


Sarvang’s 5S Audit Tool- The Key to Safety and Efficiency in Your Organization

Imagine that you have to perform a 5S audit for your organization. How do you plan to keep track of all the processes involved? Most importantly, how will you measure if you are on the track of everything?

Welcome- 5S audit application tool by Sarvang Infotech, which helps you achieve improved efficiency and structured approach in your organization. With this 5S Audit Application Tool, you cannot just increase productivity in your organization but also prevent any risk of injury to your employees.

Here are some of the salient features of the tool-


Monthly Audit Scheduler

The Monthly Audit scheduler can help you easily create monthly audit schedules for your organization. This way, you can be on top of your 5S agenda with planned strategies in place.


Auditor’s Selection

The tool has a 360 audit regime and takes care of your entire 5S operations. You can practice more refined control to your 5S process by keeping image remarks and scores.


Area Coordinator Section

Once the auditor has placed observations, it’s time for the coordinators to take action. With the means of area coordinator section, coordinators can quickly close auditor’s comments and get the details of their next audit.


5S Gallery

The 5S gallery keeps all the images and video related to your 5S audit. It also has complete dynamic courses on 5S inspections, which can be easily managed by the admin panel.


5S Issue Reporter

In case there are any issues related to the 5S audit, the tool lets you report it as well. One can raise queries and issues related to a particular area with much ease.


Alerts and Reminders

Alerts and reminders help in staying alert and not miss any deadlines concerned with your 5S audit. The alerts and reminders are sent to the area coordinators, auditors along with the 5S audit admin team.



Users also receive essential notifications through in-app messages, push notifications, etc. It also keeps the user engaged and aware of the 5S audit in the organization.


5S Score Card

The 5S audit app tool also offers a 5S scorecard to measure the performance of your organization. The scorecard displays a score based on the activities performed and corrective measures adopted.



Now that you know how your organization can benefit from the 5S audit, it’s best to invest in a 5S audit application tool. Sarvang’s 5S tool is designed to increase the efficiency of your organization and help it scale with adequate space management. It is also available in Android, web and iOS app. There are multiple benefits and path to unprecedented growth in your organization with a 5S audit. The key is to start at the earliest!

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