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Helping businesses worldwide with robust, secure and scalable web applications- Leading Web Application Development Company

Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Sarvang has an in-house team of web developers who have massive expertise in developing robust, secure and scalable custom web applications using .Net. We take into consideration agile web development methodologies for faster development and of the applications.

Application Management and Migration

Application Management and Migration

Sarvang is #1 web application development agency for application maintenance and management services. We aim to maximize your existing running applications to boost efficiency, accelerate processes and minimize downtime.

Application Outsourcing

Application Outsourcing

Looking for an experienced application development and outsourcing firm to reduce development and setup cost? Sarvang’s application outsourcing helps global businesses get their mission-critical applications developed and setup with huge cost savings.

Why Choose Us

Saas Model of Development

We are the only web application development firm working on a Saas development framework. It helps small businesses who can’t afford investment to get their app developed.

Secure and Scalable

Web applications that we build are easy to manage and scale. Our team utilized MVC framework to segregated design and data from actual business logic.

Rapid Development

We make use of third party APIs and tools for custom application development services. It gives us full control over application and data and reduces total cost of ownership considerably.

Project Discovery and Planning

Our web app development team helps businesses define project strategies & Wireframes to get the entire development process documented. This is how we push things in right direction.

Clear Communication

Our app development team is friendly. They make sure that your queries get resolved as soon you escalate. As Sarvang, we are committed to support and hail your branding and business objectives in the most efficient manner possible.

100% Client Satisfaction

Till date, we have developed and deployed over 5000+ projects of varying sizes for our esteemed clients across diverse industry verticals. We manage to have 97.96% client retention rate.

Advantages of Web Application

Accessible Anywhere

Unlike traditional applications, web systems are accessible anytime, anywhere, via a PC with an Internet connection, putting the user in charge of where and when they access the application.

Easily Customizable – Ability to Incorporate Modern Design Schemes

This makes it simpler to update the look and feel of the application, along with providing a unique and exciting way to present data to the user.

Easier Sharing of Data Between Different Computer Systems

It is far easier to get an online shopping application to integrate with a web-based accounting application, than it is to get two traditional isolated desktop systems to talk to each other.

Quick and Easy Installation and Maintenance

Once a new version or upgrade is installed on the host server, all users can access it immediately.


Most web-based applications are installed on dedicated web servers, which can be monitored by an experienced IT professional. As a result, there is no need to maintain multiple client computers.

Direct Access

Users have direct access to the latest information wherever they are located. This data is always up to date.

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