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Online Portal To Manage Employees Task Efficiently

Business Challenges

In the company, it’s difficult to identify what task is allotted to the employees, check whether the employee had accomplished the assigned work or not, identify whether the employee is demanding the leaves without completing the project and so on.

The company has different portals for project management and timesheet for the efficient management of the tasks allotted to the workforce and leaves demanded by them.

Managing the tasks on different websites was a hassle, so company come up with an idea of centralizing all the information scattered over different websites with which managers can easily take care of the works assigned to the employees and manage the leaves requested by them.


The project management application was developed that works as a centralized repository where the complete data of the employees about the tasks assigned, their work status, the work done, leaves demanded, approved or rejected is managed by the respective managers.


  • Managers can assign, manage and track the tasks allotted to the employees
  • Employees daily fill the timesheet about the work they have done
  • Managers can track the leaves availed and requested by the employees
  • SSRS integration with SharePoint server to generate Reports at the end of every month/year
  • Graphical representation of the reports display the actual and estimated efforts’ difference
  • Proposal expense report can be viewed
  • The total efforts contribution for different projects is displayed
  • The report for project-wise cost of every employee can be generated
  • Users and user access levels are defined to keep the crucial data secured
  • The information is updated in the system in real-time


  • Employee performance can be easily computed
  • Managers can track the projects’ progress
  • Defined schedules help employees to know the exact project deadline
  • Better collaboration as employees can share the documents, status updates and timelines
  • Increase employees productivity
  • Defined user roles help in delegating the tasks efficiently
  • Reports provide the insights about employees’ work performance