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Quality & Process Management App

Business Challenges

The advancement in technology has pushed modern day businesses to meet the growing demand of online medium and digitalization. Businesses, these days, are more concerned to appeal the burgeoning demand for online marketing, as it has more chances of reaching and attracting customers as compared to offline marketing. Our client was dealing with the same issue. They wanted to place their strong feet forward in the giant world of online marketing. Previously, they were more into the offline marketing which wasn’t helping them to extend the customer reach. This is why they turned to us, i.e. to generate an online platform, reach, attract and retain more customers.


As per our client’s requirements, a web application was developed by our developers which showcased the items on sale. The platform allowed the users to exhibit and share their unique antique collections with other users. The application featured social network synchronization with features like comment, rate, wishlist, and like which offered the users to express their feedback that might help other users, too.


  • The availability of online platform increased customer reach
  • More and more buyers and sellers registered themselves on the platform
  • Overall profit of the client saw a huge boost by almost 70 percent


  • Ability to upload and download photographs of properties
  • Ability to rate properties
  • Ability to like, post on wall, blog, comment, etc.
  • Third-party chat integration
  • Interactive user-interface
  • Comprehensive dashboard with link
  • Advanced search and filter abilities
  • Registered users (non-professional) too can view and access all those functionalities which do not require authentication
  • Visitor can view main network portal as well as Professional’s micro site
  • Attorneys can facilitate with their own account management from where they can track status of their transaction.Main network portal will allow the users/visitors to browse the attorney’s directories and directly contact them.