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Our Life's Work

We put our hearts and souls into making every project we undertake the very best it can possibly be – and we don’t stop until we get there.

Sarvang Safety

Safety Automation applications exist in every industry where protection of life and assets is of the highest value and warnings of potential critical conditions is vital.

  • Report hazards for any location,Right from mobile device, on-the-go
  • Electronic Library of Company’s Safety Policies, Notes and awareness videos
  • Regular auto reminders to area manager’s and HODs for pending hazards with aging
  • Hazard Closer and processing module is available on both Mobile and Web
  • Automatic alerts on Hazard Reported, Assigned, Closed, Etc
  • Exciting Safety related monthly or weekly Quiz

Sarvang Idea Buzz

Android Mobile App Development has grown at an astonishing pace, supplemented by the wide acceptance of the operating system and Google Android development platform. The groundbreaking, forward-thinking Android mobile app development strategy from our offshore android programmers ensure that your uniqueness shines through. Here’s why you should develop a mobile app with Android:

  • 88% of the Smartphones contain an Android OS
  • Highly user friendly and receives update frequently
  • There are 4000+ devices that support Android OS
  • Future techs like IoT, AR & VR are Android dependant
  • 70% Tablets are backed by Android Operating System
  • Android has a significant contribution in wearable techs.

5S Audit

Our Smartphone App finally gives you a simple and cost effective way to track, manage, depreciate and audit/stocktake your assets, resources and equipment.

  • Locating & Moving Equipment
  • Also store Photos and Documents like invoices, warranty certificates, manuals for your equipment
  • Efficient & Reduction in Capital Expenditure
  • Asset Data always Available
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Record Condition of Assets

Sarvang MLM+

According to the modern Multi-Level Marketing (or) MLM Strategies, there is a number of MLM Plans you can choose from. Each MLM Plan has its own advantages and limitations. Before getting into actual network marketing environment, it is vital to Aquitaine the current and varying trends in Multi-Level Marketing. For Multi-Level Marketing companies, choosing an MLM Software will be quite easy as they know about the current MLM Plans. But in the case of a beginner, it takes a lot of time to study and understand how each MLM Plan will work. Let's see the possibilities of each and every MLM Compensation Plan

  • Matrix MLM Plan
  • Binary MLM Plan
  • Board MLM Plan
  • Unilevel MLM Plan
  • Party MLM Plan
  • Hybrid MLM Plan
  • Generation MLM Plan
  • Australian Binary Plan
  • Stair Step Breakaway Plan
  • Monoline MLM Plan
  • Spill over Binary Plan
  • Australian X-Up Plan


iPalika Package includes

  • Website
  • iOS/Android Application
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Payment Gateway
  • SMS Channels
  • 2 E-mail Ids
  • Dedicated Account Manager